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Licensed to operate during Covid-19
Licensed to operate during Covid-19
  • All of our staff are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.
  • Regulations regarding guest requirements (vaccination, test, etc) change frequently, we keep informed and we advise accordingly.
  • Please wear face mask if you stay or sit for prolonged time in common areas.
  • Please keep social distance with the guests from other rooms.
  • It is highly recommended to use the hands sanitizer at the reception whenever you go out or coming in.
  • Please use the basic known hygiene guidelines against Covid-19, we also provide them on a poster in the reception.
  • It is forbidden by law to allow other people go in your room.
  • We need to take full contact information of all of you (adults only), in case we need to contact you regarding outbreaks in our lodging. Note that you are fully covered by the GDPR rules. We also need contact details of your next-of-kin (if is not present) so to liaise with him/her, in case you become incapable to communicate due to Covid-19.
  • We aim to minimise the contact between the staff and the guests. Our maid will clean the rooms only when the guests are not present.
  • The windows and the balcony doors should stay open as often as possible to maximise the circulation of fresh air into the room. In this case please bear in mind the strong winds in Plakias.
  • We need to leave at least 4 hours between the disinfection of your room and your check-in.
  • Just to let you know: We disinfect everything using special solution of chlorine or steam. We also steam the laundry.
  • The Coordinator is Stavros Androulidakis and he is responsible for the Action Plans in case of suspected Covid-19 illness, the personal telephone number is on the poster in the reception.
  • In case you feel ill or have Covid-19 symptoms, please stay in your room, all of you in your group, call the coordinator immediately and if that is not possible please call the Greek National Organisation for Public Health on +30 210 521 2054. In this case we will follow a plan called “Actions Due to Suspected Illness with Covid-19”.
  • In case of receiving positive results from the test for Covid-19, we will follow a plan called “Actions Due to Proven Illness with Covid-19”.
  • You can read the full Action Plan of Emilia Apartments, here at
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