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News updates from Plakias


I hope all of you are well and have a very good time. A little more than two months ago, we sent out the previous newsletter. Today we send you another short update about Plakias and Emilia Apartments.


Plakias – a very popular destination in 2017

In our April newsletter, we predicted that Plakias will be very busy this summer, however the bookings have exceed our expectations.  First middle season is already booked at around 65% and high season (after 20th of July – including September) also booked at nearly the same mark! You may find “Last Minute” discounts for the middle season but someone needs to search and act quick.

The weather after few short summer-rains in the beginning of June became hot and right now is nearly 30 degrees C. There is not wind and the sea is great for diving as well as for a simple swimming. 


The “Hot” and the “Cold” days at Emilia Apartments in the Summer 2017

We introduce an analysis for our summer bookings to give to our potential guests a hint for a discount or for the need to book as soon as possible.

"Cold Days" huge discounts are given:

• 10 October - 10 November

"Hot Days" the last places are available:

• 20 July - 10 August

• 5 September - 12 September

• 20 September - 26 September


New and richer breakfast at Emilia Apartments

We have better organized and introduced new items in our breakfast. Guests can choose now, from a wider list of items that include amongst others, Cretan Herbal Tea, Greek Soft Cheese, Dry Fruits and Dry Nuts. We serve it in the room, so guests can enjoy it, in the same way as in their homes, on the balconies or in the room’s dining table. Please visit our website for more photos www.emilia-apartments.com.