I hope all of you are well and have a very good time. You will find below a short update from Plakias and a forecast for the next season. Allow me to take the opportunity to share with you my sorrows, for the war that is taking place right now in Europe and of course on any part of the world. We all wish to end as soon as possible.


Corona-19, almost there … (to the finish line)

The Greek government announced that the requirement for the vaccination certificate will stop at the end of April.

Greek authorities rolled out the latest rules against the Corona Virus pandemic. According to the Greek Aviation Authorities, travellers from 37 countries which use the European Union Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC), including Switzerland and Great Britain, plus the EU countries, do NOT need a test prior to fly to Greece neither need to fill any kind of form. The vaccinations certificate is enough for up to 9 months and for the ones that had also the Booster vaccination, the time is unlimited.

Furthermore, the compulsory use of masks in the closed spaces, except in some (transport, hospitals, etc), will stop at the end of May.


No more puzzles (how to) in your holidays

In this holiday season, you will be free to enjoy without burdens, your self in the beach, in the restaurant, and anywhere else you would like to be, without the pandemic's restrictions.


Book as early as possible

This is the first holiday season after the Corona-19 virus pandemic, people (and rightful so), are fed-up with the restrictions the pandemic brought to us. People will find the opportunity to have a good brake on holidays somewhere nice and warm. After all, the slogan is, Sun - Sea - ... Food :).  

My advice is to book flights and accommodation as early as possible, in order to get where and when you like; already some places are getting very busy. 


Book with us, using our new Instant Book engine.

Now, we include a new Instant Book engine for bookings, we use it our selves to reserve guest requests. I recommend it also for our regular guests to book with it, so to get early the reservation and later we will apply the loyalty discounts on top. GO HERE.