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News updates from Plakias


I hope all of you are well and have a very good time. You will find below a short update about Plakias and forecast for the upcoming season.


Winter is gone

The winter wasn't too bad, no floods or strong winds. Still a bit of cold some times but that soon will be a past. Here in Plakias as you probably already know all of the restaurants and hotels were closed apart from one or two.Every body worked on other projects, mainly agricultural.
The picture is from the beginning of the 20th c. in the area of Plakias.  


Getting ready for the summer

Plakias right now is very busy with public works as well as with the private business trying to get ready for the Easter week. The good news is that in the summer, Plakias will have the new super-fast connection to the Internet. Here at Emilia's we will subscribe as soon as it is available.

Remember that here at Emilia's we provide free Wi-Fi and Internet access.


Holiday season forecast

The bookings already coming through with a fast rate. My advice to potential visitors is to book as soon as possible not to have a disappointment later on. This is a general phenomenon for the whole Crete as far as I heard. The best prices right now offered for June. In Emilia's we already have complete availability in one bedroom apartments for a couple of times.

Please check our website www.emilia-apartments.com for current offers.

Plakias beach during the summer